assisport – Adaptive Sports for Individuals

4Rehabilitation: Utilization of an individual's existing abilities in order to achieve full potential despite one's limitations

.AssiSport offers a unique rehabilitation and personal training program to any individual with special needs

,Individual Fitness: Activity carried out in the home setting which leads to improved health, strengthened body muscles, weight stability

.reduced spasticity; enhanced ADL functioning; improved balanced and midline

:Self-Defense and Karate for Individuals with Special Needs
A unique system adapted for each and every person: Fulfilling the existing abilities of the body in order to learn self defense, cope with aggression, improve physical skills, etc

Assi Arnson

 .over 30 years of experience of karate, self defence and martial arts

Concluding B.Ed in Physical Education for Special Populations at the Wingate Colleg

Registered Martial Arts Coach – Dan 5 in Yamoshido, Dan 1 in Shotokan

Licensed Trainer in Gyms and Health education
Licensed Trainer in Cycling
Pre-military fitness trainer

Growing up in a family with 40 years of experience working with special needs individuals, I too have dedicated my professional life to the field

Experience as an athlete, fighter and trainer in the fields of martial arts, gym training, running and bicycle riding. Years of experience working in rehabilitation through sports with military disabled as well as work with children with special needs

Having come into contact with individuals who have the desire to enhance their physical skills but are embarrassed to begin these activities in public, I recognize the importance of individual training programs which begin in the home

Rehabilitation through Fitness

AssiSport offers a unique home training program for rehabilitation through sport for each and every person – woman and man, girl and boy – regardless of physical, behavorial or intellectual needs

The program is suitable for individuals wheelchair bound, with cerebral palsy, head injuries and post-trauma, severed limbs, behavior disabilities, back and knee injuries, and excess weight

The program is adaptable to children, adults and elderly

The program enhances health, improves body strength, reduces spasms, improves adaptive daily living skills, and enhances self image and confidence

The program takes place in the client's home, integrating the size and furnishings of the room into the program itself

Self Defense and Karate for Individuals with Special Needs, at risk kids (due to substence abuse or violence)

".There is no such thing as "I am handicapped and therefore cannot protect myself

This specialized program offers any individual with special needs the skills to protect one's self; to confront attackers, and to learn to defend against weapons

These skills can be taught individually or in group

we also offer self defence for personal who need to deal with complicated clients – medical, school/pedagogy etc

 Heart\cardiac rehabilitation designed for disabled and special needs 

 .Supervised program to improve cardiovascular health if one have experienced heart attack, heart failure, angioplasty or heart surgey

Exercise counseling and training: Exercise gets your heart pumping and your entire cardiovascular system working. You’ll learn how to get your body moving in ways that promote heart health

Education for heart-healthy living: Managing your risk factors, choosing good nutrition, quitting smoking…education about heart-healthy living is a key element of cardiac rehab

                                                                                                                                                                                                 MPT: Motorsport Physical fitness Training – worldwide

Online physical training programs –
Rehab and post surgery training
One on one&group hardcore training
motorcyclests – dirt and road, cyclests, race drivers and more

prepare your self for 2018 with complete online physical training program

coming soon – Adaptive Special Sport International

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